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Few things cause taxpayers as much stress and trepidation as a notice of audit from the Internal Revenue Service or the local Department of Taxation and Finance. Whether addressed to a business or individual taxpayer, and regardless of the diligence or honesty of the taxpayer in filing tax returns, the prospect of an audit is particularly intimidating. After all, the vast powers of the taxing authorities, along with almost limitless resources for their exercise, are arrayed against the taxpayer in an endeavor fraught with danger from any misstep.

The best remedy for dealing with the risks inherent in an audit is through a thorough understanding of your rights and obligations under the tax law and within the audit process. It is through that knowledge that one acquires the power to guarantee that their rights are protected. Leibowicz & Ahrnoni, PLLC maintains this page to assist taxpayers in that endeavor. It is not a substitute for professional advice or representation but rather as an initial resource to help you understand the process.


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